Tanzania now is home to 40% of Africa’s lion population

Original Post: Wolfgang Thome: Aviation, Travel and Conservation News – DAILY from Eastern Africa and the Indian Ocean islands

Another reason the Serengeti is so precious … Tanzania now has the lion’s share — 40% of Africa’s lions. About 3,500 live in the Serengeti, nearly 18% of all lions in Africa!

The latest estimate, just 20,000 African lions remain. Half of what it was twenty years ago. A drop of 95% in the past century. “Tanzania has at 8,176 lions, though this number may be to low, as many lions live outside of protected areas. Only 6 countries have more than 1,000 lions. South Africa has 2,070 , Kenya 1,825, Zimbabwe has 1,709.”

Serengeti Watch / Friends of Serengeti is a project of Earth Island Institute, which has earned the highest rating on Charity Navigator.

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