Incredible success for Spotlight Workshops this year!

Live face-to-face workshops back with a bang!!


 Spotlight workshops 2022 statistics

  • 1383 Trade visitors attended Spotlights in 2022
  • 10 Spotlight workshops in 9 African cities
  • 274 African exhibitors

20022 has certainly been a year when face to face live Travel trade workshops are back in fashion

Houston Travel Marketing MD Derek Houston says that the Travel trade have been hungry for Inter action with African suppliers, hence the very enthusiastic attendance at our live Spotlight workshops and TravelExpos this year

 The success of our Spotlight Workshops boils down to the participation by the right mix of  Exhibitors from all over Africa which in turn ensures all the key buyers from each city  attend to negotiate  & network with the exhibitors

  Derek’s continually interaction for over 40 years with the tourism industry from all over Africa ensures that an “A” List of sellers attend the Spotlight workshops

Our first workshop in South Africa took place in 2000 and our first one Africa was in Nairobi in 2006.

Derek champions the Free flow Workshop format over the Fixed time round robin bell ringing format. I believe the free flow system allows the exhibitors more time to explain their products and for the buyers to negotiate rates and interact with exhibitors

 HTMS have already announced the 2023 Spotlight Programme visiting 10 African cities namely Arusha, Gaborone, Harare, Windhoek, Maputo, Nairobi, Lusaka, Dar Es Salaam, Cape Town & Sandton.

 Click here for more details & costs.

Possibly include pics of Janet and I And general shot of workshops