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Following our highly successful SPOTLIGHT VIRTUAL TRAVELEXPO’S in September, November, February and July, we are pleased to announce our next Spotlight Virtual on 13 – 14 October 2021.

The October Spotlight Virtual will promote ALL African countries as well as the Indian Ocean islands: Seychelles, Mauritius, Maldives, Mayotte, Madagascar, Comores & Reunion.

Spotlight on Africa & Indian Ocean Virtual TravelExpo is designed to create a real Exhibition experience with Pre-scheduled Appointments and B2B Zoom type meetings.

While nothing can beat a face-to-face Workshop – for the moment VIRTUAL has become the new normal and a very dynamic way to communicate with your Trade partners within Africa and overseas.

Spotlight on Africa & Indian Ocean Virtual TravelExpo will promote:

  • Inter-regional travel within Africa & Indian Ocean Islands
  • Domestic Travel within Africa & Indian Ocean Islands
  • Inbound Tourism into Africa & Indian Ocean from Overseas countries.

We expect 30 – 40 exhibitors to participate and 175 – 200 Trade Buyers to register from Africa and overseas countries.

We have decided to extend the workshop to two full days and also open the meeting slots from early morning to late evening to enable buyers from all time zones to attend at times convenient for them.

Spotlight Virtual will have a global audience of buyers

  • Houston Travel Marketing will invite Overseas Tour Operators who sell Africa & Indian Ocean Islands and also Tour Operators and Travel Agents from South Africa, East and West Africa who promote Inter-regional Business and Leisure travel.
  • At our four previous Spotlight Virtual TravelExpos a total of 598 Buyers from Africa & overseas countries registered to attend including buyers from Kenya, Australia, USA, Zambia, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Italy, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Czech Republic, Romania, Ethiopia, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, UK, Jersey, Netherlands, Nigeria, Israel, India, Uganda, Canada, Mozambique, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Thailand & Portugal.
  • Over the past few months we have significantly increased our database of Overseas Buyers (Tour Operators & Buyers)
  • Outbound Overseas Travel from Africa (all previous Travel trade attendees at Spotlights will be invited – Gaborone/Windhoek/Lusaka /Nairobi/Maputo etc – Travel Agent Associations will also circulate invites to their members)

How will Spotlight Virtual TravelExpo work?

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  • We have very strict criteria for buyer registration and we do not allow “sellers” to sign up as buyers.
  • Travel Trade buyers will apply to register online. Registration details will include full contact details, type of company, countries/products they are interested in meeting.
  • Houston Travel Marketing will then assess the application and then either accept or reject the application.
    Buyers who are accepted then receive a login and password.
    Buyers will then complete their profile details on the buyers platform.
  • Buyers can only make appointments with Exhibitors. Exhibitors can make Appointments with Buyers and fellow exhibitors.
  • On Monday 27 September the Pre-scheduled Meetings Platform will open whereby Buyers and Exhibitors can request appointments with each other.
  • The screen for the Exhibitor Halls will show the list of exhibitors also a filter for categories of Exhibitors.
  • On clicking on the Exhibitor Name the Booth will show up on the screen together with pictures of Exhibitor staff.
  • Buyers can then click on the picture then the Meet button and select a time to request a meeting.
  • The buyer can click on the Video presentation or download a brochure or see a PowerPoint presentation depending on what the exhibitor has provided
  • They can also meet the exhibitor on a Multiple Chat Facility and talk face-to-face with them.
  • All Exhibitors are sent full contact details of all the registered buyers after the TravelExpo.

How will Buyers be invited to attend?

  • Houston Travel Marketing will send email invitations to all previous Spotlight attendees from all our workshops and Virtual TravelExpos – over 2000 people!
  • Various Media Partners will be appointed as Official Media Sponsors and will be sending invites to their databases of Travel Trade in Africa & Overseas.
  • Spotlight on Africa & Indian Ocean Virtual TravelExpo will therefore have a global travel trade audience not just African Trade as we have access to various databases of Travel Agents and Tour Operators in Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific etc.
  • Houston Travel Marketing will use all our social media platforms to invite the Trade to attend. We will also post invitations on various other Travel Trade social media platforms.
  • Houston Travel Marketing will embark on an extensive PR campaign sending press releases to various Trade Associations and Travel Media in Africa & overseas.
  • Frequent updates will be sent to registered buyers with details of Exhibitors.
  • Buyers will be able to view Exhibitors profiles & contact details on the Spotlight website as from 20 September but can only start requesting meetings with Exhibitors as from 27 September.
  • Exhibitors will be able to view Buyers profiles & contact details on the Spotlight platform as from 13 September and start requesting meetings with Exhibitors from this date.

Who should participate as Exhibitors?

  • Hotels
  • Resorts & Safari Lodges
  • Cruise companies
  • Car Rental
  • International & Regional Airlines
  • Provincial & City Tourist Offices
  • African & Indian Ocean Islands Tourist Boards (some interesting Promotional & seminar opportunities available too)!
  • Africa-based Tour Operators & DMC’s who promote inter-regional travel to Africa & Indian Ocean islands

We expect 30-40 Exhibitors to participate

This would allow for 80 meeting slots of 15-minutes each over the two days for ONE staff member per exhibitor (additional Appointment Diaries are available for USD40/ZAR760 +VAT per additional staff member).


Wednesday 28 July

  • 07h00 – 10h00: Meetings – early start to accommodate Asia Pacific & Australian Buyers
  • 10h00 – 10h30: Presentation by DIRTY BOOTS Gold Sponsor (Adventure Tourism activities in Southern Africa). Meetings schedules blocked for this half hour
  • 10h30 – 16h00: Meetings scheduled
  • 16h00 – 16h30: Presentation by GOLD Sponsor ONE HORIZON KENYA (Maasai Cultural Experiences). Meetings schedules blocked for this half hour.
  • 16h30 – 22h30: Meetings scheduled to accommodate North and South American buyers

Thursday 29 July

  • 07h00 – 10h00: Meetings – early start to accommodate Asia Pacific & Australian Buyers
  • 10h00 – 10h30: Presentation by Africa Travel Week and WTM Africa (Meetings schedules blocked for this half hour)
  • 10h30 – 16h00: Meetings scheduled
  • 16h00 – 16h30: Presentation by GOLD Sponsor KATA: Update on developments in promoting East Africa regional tourism Meetings schedules blocked for this half hour
    Meetings schedules blocked for this half hour
  • 16h30 – 22h30: Meetings scheduled to accommodate North and South American Buyers

Friday 30 July

  • 07h00 – 22h00: for re-scheduled or missed appointments or no shows due to connectivity or power outage problems

Match-making and Pre-scheduled Appointments

On 19th July the meetings platform will open for Buyers and Exhibitors. Exhibitors can view profiles by clicking the Buyers Tab on the Home Page of the Platform, search, filter and sort the Buyers List and request meetings at available time slots. All meeting slots times are shown as GMT+2.

Buyers & Exhibitors can accept, reject and reschedule meetings.
Buyers and Exhibitors need to accept Meeting requests by visiting the Meetings tab on the dashboard and clicking Lets Meet.

Match-making: the Platform suggests the top 10 Buyers that Exhibitors should meet based on the Buyer Profile which details Areas/products of interest.

What is included in your Booth price?

  • Exhibitor booth with Graphic or Video, detailed profile, YouTube/Vimeo Videos, PDF brochures, Presentation, Multiple-chat functionality, Live Chat, your social media links and contact information.
  • Visitors Full contact details,
  • Buyers can Schedule Meetings (before & during the Expo) and chat directly with Exhibitor staff.

Sponsorship Options

Gold Sponsor: USD500/ZAR7,750 + VAT
  • Complimentary Exhibitor booth
  • Two sets of of meeting slots (80 appointments)
  • Banner and Scroller on Reception screen
  • Booth highlighted on Halls screen
  • News Feed Announcements throughout the Expo
  • Banner on Buyer Attendee Registration Profile Page & on Email invitations
  • One 30 Minute Seminar
Additional Sets of Meeting Diaries: USD40
  • The booth cost of USD255 allows each Exhibitor ONE Meeting Diary comprising 80 meeting slots over the two days. Extra meeting slots can be provided at a cost of USD40 per staff member for an additional 80 meeting slots.
Seminar Room - 30 Minute Presentation: USD175
  • Ideal for Tourist Boards etc. to do a 30-minute video presentation to up to 50 Buyers at a time.
  • The Seminar Screen will be branded with your logo and your time slot can be viewed on the Programme highlighted on the Reception Screen.
  • We will advertise the Various Seminars on our Event News Feed Platform.
  • Your Exhibitor Booth will be highlighted on the Exhibitors screen.
  • A scroller banner advertising your seminar is also included.

There will only be 2 Presentations during the day and meeting slots will be blocked to ensure maximum attendance at the presentation.

Banners/Scrollers: USD75
  • We are also offering a large Banner continuingly scrolling on the top of each page on the platform for 10 hours each day. The banner would probably appear once every 5 minutes and be visible for about 10 seconds.

Booking Form

Payments can be made via DPO XPAY or Telegraphic transfers
  • Payment can be made either in EUR, USD or ZAR to Houston Travel Marketing Services in South Africa.
  • PLEASE NOTE: All quoted costs are excluding South African VAT - payable by South African registered companies only
  • Rand / Dollar / EURO Exchange Rates: Houston Travel Marketing Services reserves the right to increase the Rand and US Dollar cost of the workshops due to fluctuations in the exchange rates.

All bookings are subject to the Standard Terms & Conditions of Houston Travel Marketing Services CC as published here:

Terms and Conditions of Participation.

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