Spotlight Virtual TravelExpo

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Due to COVID19 Travel restrictions and new protocols for Workshops and Conferences Social distancing/restricted numbers and also reduced flight schedules to the various Spotlight cities, SPOTLIGHT has decided to go VIRTUAL.

As Regional and Domestic Travel is likely to be the first market sector to open post COVID the Prime objective of Spotlight Virtual will be to promote Inter Africa & Indian Ocean Islands travel.

The use of virtual platforms to engage with the Trade has grown significantly and Spotlight Virtual Travel Expo aims to be more sophisticated than a Zoom meeting or a webinar. Spotlight Travel Expo is designed to create a real Exhibition experience with B2B meetings and Pre-scheduled appointments.

Houston Travel Marketing has teamed up with HUBILO India virtual conference technology experts. Hubilo Virtual Conference and Trade Fair platforms are used widely by global blue chip companies.

How will Spotlight Virtual TravelExpo work?

  • Travel trade buyers will register online like a normal workshop and then receive a login and password.
  • They can then visit the expo from their laptop or Mobile phone or IPAD
  • A few days before the start of the TravelExpo the Pre-scheduled Meetings Platform will open whereby Buyers and Exhibitors can request appointments with each other.
  • On entering the Reception they click on the Exhibitor Halls.
  • The screen for the Exhibitor Halls will show the list of exhibitors also a filter for Airlines, Beach Resorts, Safari Lodges, Countries represented etc.
  • On clicking on the Exhibitor Name their booth will show up on their screen
  • They can also meet the exhibitor on a Multiple-chat Facility and talk face-to-face with them. Pictures of each Exhibitor’s staff members appear on the screen and buyers can select whom they wish to chat to.
  • The buyer can then click on video presentation or download a brochure or see a PowerPoint presentation.
  • The duration of the Virtual TravelExpo will be 6 hours.
  • All contact details of the visitor are automatically recorded for each exhibitor.

How will Buyers be invited to attend Spotlight Virtual TravelExpo?

  • Houston Travel Marketing will send e mail invitations to all previous Spotlight attendees from all our workshops –over 2000 people!
  • Not Only African Attendees but we will also invite tour operators from our Nordics & Eastern European Roadshows – Spotlight Virtual TravelExpo will therefore have a global travel trade audience not just Africa trade.
  • HTMS will use all our social media platforms to invite the trade to attend. We will also post invitations on various other Travel Trade social media platforms.
  • HTMS will embark on an extensive PR campaign sending press releases to various Trade Associations and Travel Media in Africa & Overseas.
  • Travel Trade buyers will register online like a normal exhibition and then receive a login and password.
  • Registration details will include full contact details, type of company, associations they are members of e.g. IATA, countries /products they are interested in meeting.
  • Frequent updates will be sent to registered buyers with details of Exhibitors etc.
  • During the actual Expo we will send Reminders to Registered Buyers who have not as yet logged in to urge them to attend.

How many buyers will attend?

As this is our first Virtual Spotlight it is very difficult to predict!! We are hoping for 150 – 200 registrations.
We estimate that 80% of the buyers will be Africa trade and 20% will be from overseas countries.

Spotlight Virtual TravelExpo will promote

  • Inter-regional travel within Africa (from Southern Africa to East & West Africa and vice versa)
  • Outbound travel from Africa to Indian Ocean islands and overseas destinations (Europe, The Gulf Etc)
  • Inbound tourism from overseas countries to Africa

Who will attend as Buyers

  • Managers and Staff of Travel Agencies throughout Africa (IATA and Non-IATA and Independent Travel Consultants)
  • Africa Inbound Tour Operators
  • Outbound wholesalers from Europe especially Nordic countries & Central & Eastern European countries … and possibly also from other overseas countries

Who should participate as Exhibitors

  • Hotels
  • Resorts & Safari Lodges
  • Cruise Companies
  • Car Rental
  • International & Regional Airlines.
  • Provincial & City Tourist Offices
  • Tourist Boards

We expect 25-30 Exhibitors to participate


  • 10h00: Official Opening
  • 10h00 – 16h00: Manned sessions: Buyers pre-scheduled meetings and free flow. Various sponsored seminar sessions and specific exhibitor networking lounge presentations throughout the day
  • 16h00: Close of Expo and Prize Giving

Match Making and Pre-scheduled Appointments

4 Days before Spotlight Virtual the meetings platform will open for Buyers and Exhibitors

Exhibitors can view profiles, search, filter and sort Buyers list. They can bookmark a Buyer to talk to them later, they can set up meetings at available time slots of a Buyer, they can accept, reject and reschedule meetings

Match Making: The platform suggests Top 10 Buyers that exhibitors should meet based on the Buyer Profile which details areas/products of interest.

Note: Buyers have same facilities as outlined above to request appointments with Exhibitors.

What is included in your Booth price

  • Exhibitor booth with Graphic or Video,
  • Detailed profile,
  • YouTube Video link,
  • Brochure,
  • Presentation,
  • Multiple chat functionality,
  • Live chat,
  • Visitors full contact details,
  • Social Media links
  • Detailed reports on visitors to their booth,
  • Generate leads along with their status (Hot, cold, warm).
  • Buyers can Schedule Meetings (before & during the Expo) and chat directly with Exhibitor staff – up to three pictures of Exhibiting staff will be displayed.

Networking Lounge Presentation Chat Room

Exhibitors can opt to book a networking lounge for a 15-minute meeting/presentation with up to 9 buyers. The Networking Lounge will be branded with your logo and your time-slot can be viewed on the Programme highlighted on the Reception Screen.

We will advertise the various presentations on our Event News Feed Platform. Your exhibitor booth will be highlighted on Halls screen. The cost per 15-minute presentation will be $60/ZAR900.

Seminar Room – 30 Minute Presentation

Ideal for Tourist Boards etc to do a 30-minute webinar or live presentation to up to 50 Buyers. The seminar screen will be branded with your logo and your time slot can be viewed on the programme highlighted on the reception screen.

We will advertise the various seminars on our Event News Feed Platform. Your Exhibitor Booth will be highlighted on Halls screen.

The cost per 30-minute seminar will be $150/ZAR1,800

Sponsorship Options

  • Gold Sponsor ZAR5,500/USD375
    • Complimentary exhibitor booth
    • Banner and scroller on reception screen
    • Booth highlighted on halls screen
    • News feed announcements throughout the Expo
    • Banner on Buyer/Attendee Registration Profile page & on email invitations
    • One 30-minute Seminar
    • One Networking Lounge Presentation – 15 minutes

Future Spotlight Virtual TravelExpo’s

Depending on the success of our first one in September we plan to hold these Virtual Expo’s on a monthly basis

Download PDF Version