Enjoy Amazing Tanzanian food and drinks

Source: Northern Maasailand Safaris: https://www.northernmasailandsafaris.com/

The Tanzanian national dish is ugali, a staple made from maize or cassava flour, almost always served with a sauce containing meat, fish, beans or greens. Rice flavoured with coconut milk and matoke – cooked plantains- are other common staples.

Though most visitors will rather go for mishikaki, marinated meat kebabs or nyama choma, seasoned roasted meat.

Local dishes include Mtori – cooked beef and bananas – and Mchicha, a vegetable stew which meat or fish in it. Along the coast delicatable seafood dishes, often grilled or cooked in coconut milk or curry-style are widely served

The food on safari ranges from simple to gourmet, with lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and homemade soups.

At lunch and dinner chicken, lamb, beef or pork are served as well as fish and vegetarian dishes.

Breakfast is comes usually as buffet with lots of tropical fruits, cereals, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, breads and pastries and eggs to order. Avoid tap water.

Bottled water is widely available as well as fresh juices of pineapple, sugar cane and orange. The main soft drink is Tangawizi, a local version of ginger ale.

Try the domestic, western-style beers Serengeti,Safari and Kilimanjaro. The local brew konyagi is a wonderful gin-like beverage. In the Kilimanjaro area you’ll find mbege – banana beer, or try Uraka, a legal distilled cashew drink.