ZURI ZANZIBAR launches a new ‘Zuri Corona-Safe Hospitality Concept’ to support the East African Travel Industry

Original Post: ATTA Member News

The Zuri Zanzibar Resort (‘Zuri’) announces today that it has launched a new ‘Zuri Corona-Safe Hospitality Concept’ where welcoming hospitality alongside health & safety, well-being, and the immunity of guests are the core elements.

In order to ensure that global regulations are given top priority, the resort is planning to implement a number of important changes into its daily operations. These should help to develop the ‘after coronavirus travel’ movement and also inspire other properties on the island to do the same. The message is clear, once the island is ready to welcome its tourists back, the hotels will be ready too.

Since the Zuri’s opening in July 2018 it has had a strong focus on wellbeing, and its weekly timetable, with a rich variety of yoga and meditation classes, has been very popular amongst guests. Soon a brand new wellbeing concept will be introduced, that will be built on the pillars of safety, immunity/health and wellbeing, and will ensure that Zuri’s guests feel rejuvenated and positive whilst also giving a boost to their immunity and health.

Zuri’s layout is truly ideal for the necessary social distancing. Its 56 bungalows, suites and villas are nestled within a spacious tropical garden that is the size of sixteen football pitches, whilst its 300 metre-wide private beach offers ample space and privacy for every single guest.

‘’The luxury of space gives us the opportunity to cope with all social distancing requirements, with very little impact on our guests’ comfort and the quality of our service”, explains Andrea Knorová, the Director of Marketing and Sales for Zuri.

As part of the new Corona-Safe Hospitality Concept, Zuri is planning to look after its clients from the minute they land at the airport by offering a VIP lounge service which will include the provision of a sanitizing kit to each guest prior to their car journey, whilst an extensive range of actions will be taken within the property. These include, amongst many other services, UV light cleaning and disinfection procedures throughout the hotel, the implementation of digital solutions for social distancing purposes, restaurant furniture space adjustments, the limiting of the maximum occupancy level in order to ensure time for deep cleaning timing prior to arrival, and many more.

In addition, each guest will receive an ‘immunity boost pack’ upon arrival which will contain essential and highly-rated ingredients such as baobab tree powder. A private stand-by nurse/doctor in the European-standard North Walley hospital right next to the resort will also be available upon request, in addition to the regular nurse on site.

The Zuri resort offers a wide choice of in resort activities, which decrease the need for guests to take tours or join activities outside the resort’s gates. One-to-one and limited group holistic/yoga/mandala lessons will be available, as well as water sports activities with strict hygiene rules. The private Zuri Spice Garden will also only be available to resort guests, and its 1.6 hectares of grounds offer several hidden corners for private relaxation.

The “Zuri Creatives” group has also prepared a number of unique packages that will be celebrating ‘The Best of Zuri’ and enhancing each guest’s stay in a personalized way. These will include complimentary holistic classes and culinary experiences.

“We understand why people get frustrated with the current situation. We feel it on our own skin. Being under a lockdown for weeks…, nobody has been prepared for such a challenge. This is why we are coming up with a concept which is no longer only about relaxation and escapism, but also boosting your immunity and refreshing your mind,” explains Manuela Gallina, the resort’s Holistic Manager. Manuela’s live stream is available on Zuri’s social media accounts, and viewers can enjoy many healthy rituals and positive-thinking tips during this challenging period.

Zuri is working closely with the local government and is committed to supporting Zanzibar’s tourism. Through the new Zuri Corona-Safe logo the resort acknowledges the awareness of the current situation and, at the same time, supports the future of safe hospitality.

Zuri welcomes its guests to enjoy a non-crowded holiday resort, where they can re-connect in their own bungalow/villa, surrounded by a tropical paradise.