How many countries have you visited in your career ??

  I recently visited the Travelers Century Club website to check up on  how many countries I have visited in the past 47 years of my Travel career….and I could only count 92…hopefully I will clock up the remaining eight in the next three years.

Do go and visit this website is fascinating to see how many people have visited more than 200 countries and one person has even done 350 ( I didn’t know there were that many countries in our world -maybe he has been to outer space!)

 Countries that Derek Houston has visited or transitted

Pacific Ocean (1)


Africa (23)

Angola;Botswana;Burundi;Egypt;Ethiopia;Gabon;Ghana;Ivory Coast;Kenya;Lesotho;Malawi;Mali;Mozambique;Namibia;Rwanda ; Senegal;South Africa;Swaziland;Tanzania;Uganda;Zambia;Zanzibar;Zimbabwe.

Middle East & Gulf (3)

Abu Dhabi;Dubai; Sharjah

Indian Ocean Islands (3)


Atlantic Ocean (3)

Canary Islands;Cape Verde ;Madeira

Europe & The Mediterranean (39)

Aland Islands Mariehann Baltic;Austria;Balearic Islands;Belgium;Bosnia & Herzegovina;Crete;Croatia;Cyprus;Czech Republic;Denmark;Dodecanese Islands  -Rhodes;Enland;Finland;France;Germany;Gibraltar;Guernsey;Hungary;Corfu;eire;Northern Ireland;Italy;Jersey;Liechtenstein;Luxembourg;Monaco;Netherlands;Norway;Poland;Portugal;Scotland;Serbia;Slovakia;Spain;

Sweden;Switzerland;Vatican City:Wales;

North America (3)


 South America  (6)


Caribbean (1)


Asia (10)

Hong Kong;India;Indonesia Java;Indonesia Bali;Malaysia;Nepal;Singapore;Sri Lanka;Thailand;Turkey in Asia