More Tourists to Africa

It was the objective of large-Africa workshop in November in Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki. was with …

The Nordic Africa tour to the travel industry was organized by Derek Houston, Houston Travel Marketing Services – and in Copenhagen the travel industry was invited to the workshop on DFDS’ Crown of Scandinavia.

22 tourism representatives from Africa presented about 50 products for the nearly 50 attendees in Copenhagen. In Oslo, there were 45 registered, in Stockholm 55 and in Helsinki 61.

South Africa had last year, as the continent’s biggest tourist-Saharan Africa, nearly 100,000 tourists from Scandinavia. It came mostly from Sweden, followed by Denmark and Norway.

Annelie Bronkhorst and Derek Houston at the African workshop in Copenhagen.

An active instrumental in the effective workshop was Annelie Bronkhorst from Eastern Cape Parks & Tourism Agency in South Africa.

She told Stand By about the many attractions and sights in the Eastern Cape. The area including 800 km beach, 23 great nature parks with “The Big 5” (buffalo, elephants, leopards, lions and rhinos), elegant lodges in the parks. And then there is no malaria in the Eastern Cape, said Annelie Bronkhorst.

Eastern Cape is also known as Nelson Mandela Country. Nelson Mandela was prominent figure and avid anti-apartheit champion and sat for the same reason several times in prison. Nevertheless, Nelson Mandela also the first black president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. In 1993 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

The easiest access to the Eastern Cape is via Durban, which South African Airways flies daily. Star Alliance member has more than 30 flights per week from London Heathrow, Frankfurt and Munich – in August this year closed SAA between London and Cape Town.

Total serving South African Airways more than 30 destinations in Africa and has 16 domestic routes in the large country. Approximately 30,000 Danes visiting South Africa annually – about 25 per cent. flying with South African Airways.


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