Serengeti Safari One Day at Time

Original Post: By ATTA

The Serengeti National Park has been minding its own business since April and the animals have taken over. Main roads have become tracks, with big cats ambling along looking for breakfast; small tracks have all but disappeared. Airstrips are prime grazing grounds and the sun rises and sets over wilderness. It is a truly wonderful time to be here. But with restrictions still in many places globally, few people are able to immerse in the experience. We don’t want you to miss out so we are inviting you to dip your virtual safari toes in, via our YouTube series.

These fun and irreverent, short videos are a real-time, ten-day, wildlife diary – packed with amazing wildlife footage and insightful facts from our fabulous guides and conservationists, wrapped in the cameraderie of friends spending time in one of their favourite places.

The rarest sighting, these days, is not the shy pangolin or wild dog; it is the tourist, armed with binoculars, camera and a broad-brimmed safari hat. Without this elusive creature, revenue to the National Parks also dries up with dire consequences for conservation, anti-poaching and park maintenance. Many camps run their own community-environmental programs funded out of bums-on-beds sales – these are also under strain. We would love to encourage everyone to support boots-on-the-ground conservation initiatives that will help preserve all our wilderness areas, at least until the world settles down in its new normal .

And when you are ready to travel, The Serengeti will be here waiting, in all its bright-eyed and bushy-tailed glory.

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Source: Serengeti Safari TV