Spotlight Tel Aviv: Corona Virus Update

Just 30 days to our first ever Spotlight targeting the Israeli outbound market to Africa

We have had a very enthusiastic response from the Major Tour operators in Israel to attend the workshop . 15 different companies have already confirmed attendance with each company sending one or two senior staff.

Corona Virus Update

It is all systems go from our side and we are obviously monitoring the Corona-virus situation carefully . Please see the email below from our Israeli partners PITA Marketing

“As regarding the Corona in Israel, hereby a few important pieces of information:

  1. The Israeli Ministry of Health (MoH) has been the most radical and extreme compared to almost all countries as regards the restrictions of travel to and from corona-infected countries. Israel was the first to cancel all traffic to China and forbid any Israelis from travelling.
  2. The Israeli MoH was the first to decide on issuing a negative travel advice to Asian effected countries including Thailand, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong – long before any other country had done so. This created a dramatic drop of traffic to these destinations and an increase to Corona-free destinations like the Indian Ocean.
  3. They were also the first with issuing a regulation forcing every Israeli returning from Asian effected countries for a two-week home quarantine, making it a criminal offence punishable by 4 years for those not following this regulation. Travelers from Italy are now also forced to stay at home.
  4. El Al was amongst the first airlines to stop flying to corona infected areas including China, Thailand, Italy and Japan.
  5. As a result of all this, Israel has indeed stayed relatively clean from the virus in Israel, except 7 infected Israelis who returned from the Diamond Princes cruise and those who returned from Italy before the quarantine regulation. The Israeli Health System has set up an emergency corona hospital centre in Tel Aviv with 100% restricted quarantine conditions.
  6. Within Israel itself there is no reason for fear – there are no masks to be seen except at the airport.
  7. I personally regard this period as a unique opportunity to meet the top leading Israeli tour operators who are normally very busy and would have no free full-day to meet with suppliers offering services to new exciting destinations.

DOV Feldmann PITA Marketing”