Conservation Continiuum – Nature Discovery’s Carbon Offsets Continue To Support Vital Land Conservation In Tanzania

Original Source: ATTA Member News
By Thomas Holden, Nature Discovery

Carbon Tanzania recently sent us an email thanking us for our support and commitments to reducing our environmental impacts and offsetting our carbon footprint, which continues strongly despite the world being in lockdown. They wrote:

We would like to thank Nature Discovery for their support over the last 12 months, which enables significant positive impacts of our work to continue. Please find below some stats, and note that these are based on the tonnes of CO2 that Nature Discovery has offset since it started offsetting in 2011.

Total tonnes offset to date: 1,975.5 CO2e

This translates into:

  • 2,963 ha of wildlife-rich Hadzabe hunter-gatherer homeland protected
  • 6,914 ha of natural habitat across the entire ecosystem protected
  • 1 community forest scout employed for 4 years by paying their salary and supporting their family
  • 1,778 umbrella thorn acacia trees kept in the ground for another year
  • 197 residents of the Yaeda Valley receive twice yearly mobile health clinic screening for TB, trachoma and common ailments

Fortunately, the VGS (Village Game Scouts) at all three of Carbon Tanzania’s project sites are able to continue with their regular patrols during this time when most of the globe is restricted in its movement. Due to the nature of their work, being isolated and in the middle of nature, the teams are able to continue with their pursuit of a forest free of deforestation, poaching and land incursions. Thanks to ND, we are able to continue with this vital work.